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What we export

Exporting dairy products takes both consideration and expertise. Coombe Castle export an extensive range, from British Brie to Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar.

We work closely with our suppliers and our shipping partners to ensure all products reach their final destinations in the most efficient way.

Our passion is to ensure our cherished products arrive in perfect condition and with their flavours intact.


At Coombe Castle we want to share our 30 years experience, we want to listen to your needs and advise on the best range of British cheese for you and your market.

Our partnerships with small farmhouse dairies to large creameries give importers access to a broad mix of Cheeses from Stilton to Sticky Toffee.


Our British double and clotted creams were made to be exported, each naturally adapted to suit the long journeys they have to travel.

Coombe Castle has introduced British Cream worldwide, part of the high teas in Hong Kong and on Scones in Wisconsin.



British Butter is recognised as a worldwide palette pleaser.

We partner with large and small creameries to source a wide and varying range.

We believe our range is the best Britain has to offer. From creamy Double Devon to the salted cues of Colliers.